Monday, May 4, 2009

Yard Sale - $10 budget

You don't have to have a lot of money to find good deals! I am on a "Dave Ramsey Budget" and we are trying to use a 'cash only' envelope system. When you live on one income with 4 children, it can be a challenge to manage your money. More about how we make that work in another post:)

I only had $10 in my pocket on Saturday and decided to follow a Yard Sale sign after my TRIPLE couponing at Harris Teeter. It was a little after 12 noon and I stumbled upon a MOVING SALE.

As I have mentioned before, going at the END of sales is where you can find the KILLER deals. And bbbboooyyyyy, did I find some!

First I came upon this Rice Cooker/Veggie Steamer for $2

Next was this 10 CD set of Classical Masters and the Sea (classical mixed with ocean sounds). We are doing an Ocean Theme for my dd8 next birthday and she LOVES classical music!!!

I found a cute little book for my ds5 to give him on his b-day - he is my "Frog Hunter" and catches at least 10 a night and reluctantly lets them go before coming inside:)

There was a truck loaded up to depart, for them to haul off stuff, and they told me to look inside to see if I wanted anything - the man says "Would you be interested in a Drafting Table?" I said "What does it look like?" hmmmmm....

$5 - I know that is a steal - my dd8 loves to draw, and I homeschool and I could possible use it with dry erase markers...or if the family plays much do you think it's worth?

I asked about some planters and they threw those in as well...

And some plants!

I told them that I only had $10 to my name and they said SOUNDS GOOD to me!!!

They knew I had kids and they threw in this Razor skooter as well!!!!

So, for 10 little dollars, I got these AMAZING deals!

And BTW, the rice steamer is a dream machine...we used it that night:)

Join Rhoda at Southern Hospitality to see other GREAT thrifty finds from the weekend.


  1. I am going to use your idea and head out a little later. I would love a little extra sleep on Saturday morning!

  2. Hi, Angela, you did get some steals! I could never wait til the end of a sale to go, but sometimes I have been known to drive in one later in the day & you just never know what will be left.

    Great deals! Thanks for joining the party.

  3. You hit the jackpot. . .looks like great bargains for you!! I know at the end of my garage sales I am practically begging people to take stuff. . .


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