Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Shopping - Carolina Thrift 50% off EVERYTHING on 12-21!

So you are going for some Christmas shopping this weekend?

Don't spend all your money! If you live close to the Greensboro/High Point Area, here is some frugal news for YOU.

I just got off the phone with an associate from Carolina Thrift, and they are having a 50% off sale on Monday, Dec. 21st!

I am almost hyperventilating!!! This is my absolute FAVORITE thrift store! Monday is usually 50% off clothes, purses, belts, and shoes.


If you are not familiar with Carolina Thrift, here is the run-down...

Thrift Store Shopping needs a makeover in many peoples minds. Sometime's it's getting over wearing others clothes and shoes. Old housewares that are new to you...this is a definite way to start your Frugal Adventure!

Carolina Thrift is in a category of its own!

This thrift store is located on Wendover in Greensboro NC and on Main Street in High Point NC. This place is like GoodWill Stores on steroids!!!

Here is how the store works - Items are tagged with different colors. (Some items have the original tags! Brand new at GREAT deals!)

The Greensboro store is a 3-story warehouse!
3608 W Wendover Ave

The High Point Store is the size of 2 gymnasiums!
2645 North Main Street

Sunday – one color is 75% off and one is 25% off

Monday – ALL clothes, shoes, purses, socks, scarves, pocketbooks are 50% off

Tuesday through Saturday – one color is 50% off and one is 25% off

Holidays – EVERYTHING is 50% off (except brand new items - but sometimes they even include those in the sale!)

ok, did you remember that THIS MONDAY is 50% off EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
Why am I ecstatic? EVERYTHING means even the brand new white and green tag items!!!

I know some people who have snagged some Louis Vuitton Purses, musical instruments, dvd's, winter coats and all sorts of goodies from sales like these. Think ahead for next years birthdays, baby showers and ALL occasions:)

Now you know that the prices will probably be higher than normal for this event (because you get the HALF OFF), but it IS thrift store prices!

...Call ahead for other special days...

and let me know what awesome deals that you find.

If you don't live near NC, search out the obscure little thrift stores around your town, smaller ones usually offer greater deals, but big ones may surprise you.

Let all of us around the blogosphere know the best one in your town. You never know when we might pop-in for a visit!

p.s. Thanks to Mike Fuchs from the Bargain Blog at the News and Record for linking to my post - HERE is the article, and it should be in the Sunday Paper as well!

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