Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Value Village Thrift Store - 50% OFF all clothes

* NOTE TO READERS: This original post is outdated, but search below the line for more timely info on thrift store sales and shopping!

The Value Village Store in Greensboro will have ALL CLOTHES 50% off - today only!

There prices are cheaper than any other thrift store I have seen AND it's 50% off...WOW!

If you have never been to Value Village, it is on High Point Rd across form Darryl's.

The clothes are laid out like Goodwill Stores - by color. So it may take a little more time to find that perfect black shirt, but for 50% off, it's worth the effort:)

Take advantage of this great deal and find a Value Village store near you today! 
Thanks Janet, for the head's up!


Thrift stores can offer AMAZING savings at all times of the year. Of course, the best deals are end of the season or out of season styles - just like in the department stores. These items will be discounted more than other items (unless you are shopping at Goodwill, then clothing is always the same price around $3).

Many stores offer discounted days - 

Value Village has all used items 50% off on the LAST Wednesday of the month (call your local store to confirm sales).

Carolina Thrift has ALL clothes, purses, shoes, and belts on sale 50% off on Mondays.
Tuesday - Saturday there is a colored tag that is 50% off and one that is 25% off.
Sunday the tag that was 50% off during the week is now 75% off and one is 25% off.

Holidays – EVERYTHING is usually 50% off (except brand new items - but sometimes they even include those in the sale!) Call ahead for info.

Greensboro NC on 3608 West Wendover Ave and
High Point NC on 2645 N Main St # 105

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