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Savings Angel vs. Grocery Game

Although I have been an avid Grocery Gamer for a few years, the site has changed and it is all new, so checking out another site that is all new to me doesn't hurt a bit:)

I was approached to review a site called SavingsAngel, and here are my comparisons between The Grocery Game and SavingsAngel sites and features.

*The new Grocery Game site doesn't have very good information on how to find all the new features on the site and you have to explore it on your own.

*The SavingsAngel site has videos to walk you through the site and you can even "earn your wings" by completing a few steps in their Academy - which is a reminder for those of us "seasoned" couponers, but EXTREMELY helpful for those just beginning to coupon.

Both sites have a "click" button to add to grocery list, and info on the percentage saved. But there are still some main differences between the two...

*On the GG list, you have to click on a product to see what the coupons are for that product and if it is a printable, then go to the printables tab and search for the coupon there (only from Smartsource, RedPlum, and

*On the SA list, it is in standard table (block) format (like The Grocery Game used to have), and all available coupons are listed for that product RIGHT BESIDE the product listed. They even have ALL You coupons listed as well - a definite perk in my book! In having EVERY available coupon listed, if you have already printed your limit of 2, for one site, you can proceed to the next site for printing.

Both sites have a coupon database - 

*With GG, you have to click on the title of the product which will take you to the site (sometimes even having to sign up before knowing what kind of coupon you will get).

*With SA, you can search for coupons in the newspaper OR internet on the coupon database, seeing the value of the coupon before you click to go on the site.

Both sites have a Comparison Shopper feature -

*With GG, you can Comparison Shop with the stores that are on your "list" that you pay for with your membership. So if I only have a membership with 2 stores on my list, I can only compare prices between those 2 stores.

*With SA, you can Comparison Shop with ALL the stores available in their database with your paid membership. (Wal-mart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc.) So if you want to see the sales at different stores because you will be vacationing in a different state, it comes with your membership.
 If you want to see who has the lowest price on toilet tissue paper, type it in the search bar, and ALL available stores come on your screen with the lowest price and coupons to match!

What is the cost?

*The GG cost $10 for the first store, and $5 per additional store, paid every 8 weeks. So if you have 5 stores on your list (let's say 3 drug stores and 2 grocery stores) you pay $30 every 8 weeks.

*The SA cost is $19.95 for your first 2 months (a BOGO deal). Then $19.95 per month after that, renewed monthly if you so choose. The catch is that you get ALL stores in their database, instead of paying BY STORE.

So with the GG scenario, you are paying $15 a month for 5 stores (really $30 every 2 months), with SA, you would be paying $19.95 ($4 more) for ALL stores in their database.

What is the difference in their referral/affiliate program?

*With GG, you earn FREE weeks by referrals signing up using your email address. They have a 4-weeks FREE trial and if referrals then start paying for their membership, you earn FREE weeks - 12 FREE weeks for every 3 people who join.

*With SA, you earn $10 (deposited in your PayPal account) when a referral signs up using your special SavingsAngel Code. After their first 2 month special is over, every month that they renew their membership, you get $5...forever! 

  Are there any downsides to using these sites?

*The GG has a few days from when the ad comes out and the list goes up, so if you are a first day shopper, this will not work well for you (some stores are not listed until the Sunday after the ad comes out on Wednesday - Harris Teeter is listed on Friday). Personally I go later in the week, and have no problem with getting the items because everything has been re-stocked. Saturday morning is my shopping time when daddy stays home with the kiddos:)

*The GG just changed their site completely and many people are unhappy and having problems. These problems may soon be resolved (color, kinks, and listings), or some may not (color, format, coupon listing). This site does cost MONEY to use, you pay for each store that you want on your "List", so comparison shopping can be an issue if you are only paying for 1 store! Check your zip code on the website to see what stores they cover in your area.

*SA does not have many stores in my area, they have all the major chains and drug stores (Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid), though they are adding more stores all the time. Again, it cost MONEY to join their site, and to break it down it comes to $5 a week...$20 (the $19.95 fee) / 4 weeks = $5 per week. Would you save $5 a week to justify using the site?

The stores that SavingsAngel covers are listed below:

Cub Foods, CVS, D and W Fresh Market, Dierburgs, Family Fare, Fareway, Glen's, Harding's Hy-vee, Jewel-Osco, Kroger, Meijer, Plumb's, Publix, Rainbow, Rite Aid, Schnucks, Shop and Save, Target, VG's Grocery, Walgreens and Wal-mart.

They have a "Best of List" in which they share the top 8-20 "don't miss" deals for stores they are experimenting with in order to see if there is enough interest to include a full listing. 

Here is a list of those stores (keep in mind that the list continues to change):

Albertson's, Fresh Market, Fry's , Giant Eagle, Harris Teeter, Lucky, Safeway, Smith's, Stop and Shop, Tom Thumb, Winn Dixie.

*With the GG, they have a list for my favorite store, Harris Teeter, that comes out on Friday, then an updated list on Sunday with the new coupons from that days paper (they update their list for every store on Sunday with the new coupons) - SA does not have this feature.

So could SavingsAngel be an alternative to The Grocery Game? Yes, it definitely could.
Could you get this coupon information for FREE elsewhere on the web? Yes, you can.

So why pay money for this service?

That's just it, it is a service. It makes your life easier when it comes to coupons and getting the best deals in your area. It takes the guess work out of trying to do coupon match-ups on your own. It allows you to comparison shop on ONE site for all your stores to find the best price (so your not kicking yourself when you find out a product was FREE down the road at another store when you just paid $3 for it because you just didn't know!).

What do you think, Angela?

I like the features that SavingsAngel offers. I am encouraging them to start more lists for the "Southern Community". First and foremost with Harris Teeter. The top 8-20 deals are a good starting point since you can only redeem 20 coupons at HT anyway. I like the emphasis that SavingsAngel has on getting only the cheapest items to stock your pantry. I talk about "building your own store" in my Coupon Makeover Classes all the time!

I loathe extra work, with SavingsAngel I can view all the chain stores at once and see who has the best deals. In the past, I had to look at 3-5 different posts, try to remember the price for one store while checking out the other. And honestly, I would rather PAY for convenience in this case. 

I save $40-$100 a week with using coupons, and since I am already a "seasoned" couponer, by using Savings Angel, it will save me loads of TIME that I would rather spend with my family:)

Right now, the Grocery Game has a better list for Harris Teeter, just for the plain fact that they have been covering the store longer. I am personally working with SavingsAngel to try and get the HT listings up to par and a sound feature for our use.

You can check out SavingsAngel and use my code HERE as a referral.

Or if you are interested in the Grocery Game you can use my email as a referral - couponmakeover @ 

If your are or were using the Grocery Game, SavingsAngel is offering a special for the next 2 weeks if you want to try it out for $5.

Are there any questions that I have not answered? Are there any points that you would like to discuss? If so, ask me please and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

***Since discovering more on the SavingsAngel site, I have added another post on Drug Store Scenarios***

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