Thursday, January 13, 2011

FREEBIES for your Birthday!

I have always wanted to find a site that has the ULTIMATE list for birthday freebies and deals - I have finally found it!

Make sure that all your friends know about and take advantage of all the great things they can get ABSOLUTELY FREE on their Birthday (even in their whole birthday month!).

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This is directly from the website.


" is a free, easy to use, one stop resource that answers... "What can I get free for my birthday?" 

Just ask the Birthday Freebie Expert who started this fast-growing online directory that features businesses and restaurants across the nation and in Canada offering birthday freebies or birthday discounts to adults, kids and even beloved pets. Search locally to find offers near you!

Celebrating birthdays is so much sweeter when you're enjoying free birthday stuff and birthday discount deals like these: 


  • Free movie rental for birthday
  • Free birthday bowling
  • Golf or ski free on birthday
  • Free rock climbing
  • Free admission to the movies, museums, theme parks and zoos
  • Free credits/tokens for video games at family entertainment centers


  • Free birthday meals, free dinners, free appetizers, free desserts
  • Free kids meal - birthday club activities


  • Free tanning session for birthday
  • Free treats for pets
  • Free birthday car wash
  • Free birthday spa treatments or admission to spa
  • Birthday discounts on clothing, shoes, toys, books & more
  • Free cosmetics for birthday


  • Birthday discounts on hotel rooms, cruises and transportation
  • Special birthday amenities while vacationing

No need to cram everything into one day either!
Most of these birthday deals are good for the
birthday week or even birthday month!

Have more questions?
Visit our FAQ page that's packed full of information
about this site and free birthday stuff."

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