What Makes Audit Compulsory for Businesses?

Keeping a proper checks and balances system on a company’s financial transactions and productivity holds the key in maintaining profitability and sustainability of a business. You just can’t start a company and leave everything on the auto mode. You need to have a close eye on whatever is happening inside and outside of your business premises, with your staff members and the company’s banking transactions and clientele. An audit system provides the companies with the perfect solution to carry out all the above-mentioned tasks. It gives businesses the assurance that all the financial statements and disclosures are in no way material misstatement. The internal and external audits also help companies and businesses to maintain a high level of trust and confidence with the clients. In order to find the professional VAT consultant in UAE, click here.


In the last decade or so, there have been various drastic changes in the auditing profession, which has further augmented its reputation worldwide. The legislations have been further fortified in various countries including the United States to give the auditing professionals more liberty to investigate financial records of companies and businesses. Auditing also helps in protecting capital markets by offering crucial information that is imperative to make better investment decisions. The process of audit highlights the frailties of businesses by figuring out the missing legal documents which are necessary for compliance.


Another amazing aspect of conducting an audit is the benefit of educating the business owners about what they need to succeed as leaders of a business. External audits go a long way in educating the business owners about how accounting process is vital for a healthy business. The auditors work in liaison with the business owners to help them correct the frailties in the accounting system and provide them information on current and possible upcoming accounting concerns. Many accounting firms periodically conduct free educational seminars to deliver education on the audit and accounting systems which is beneficial for the business owners and the decision makers in an organization.


An audit team is not just an enforcement agency which keeps business owners from breaking the law. Business owners must be aware of the information they receive from the audit teams. Some of the key characteristics are mentioned below.


  1. Is the audit team an industry-specific experienced?
  2. Does the team know about industry and technical regulatory requirements?
  3. Has it worked previously with a similar-sized business to make the best suggestions for company reports, accounting requirements, disclosures, and controls?
  4. Does the audit team have the insight to identify the company’s growth goals?
  5. Will it provide operational best practices on the financial statements?


These are some of the questions that need to be answered to ensure efficiency of the audit process for a business owner. Audit firms in Dubai have been maintaining high standards in satisfying the needs of their clients.

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