5 Essential Tips on Couture and Avant-Garde Dressing

Clothes and garments are investment. More than providing us the basic purpose of clothing us, it also speaks of our personality and style. And that is why, it is essential for us to have a complete wardrobe so you can be sure that you have something to wear on every occasion – from your daily wear to formal events.

And speaking of formal affairs, dressing up on this kind of event should be given serious thought. You should not only dress for the occasion but also you must take this opportunity to wear your personality. And the best way to do that is to wear a haute couture or an avant garde piece. A haute couture piece may be a bit expensive but it worth every penny, and should you decide to go couture, here are some tips that you need to follow:

  1. Ask your stylist to scout for designers


Your stylist probably has a network of designers and couture store on his list. Take advantage of that connection on scouting for haute couture in Dubai area. Have him make a quick visit on these stores and see the pieces they have. Have him took some photos and sit down with him to plan your outfit. This should be done at least a week before the actual event so you have time to pick, get the garment dry-cleaned and ironed.

  1. Do not be afraid to go out-of-the-box

The purpose of dressing avant-garde is to go out of the ordinary. So do not just discount pieces that is beyond your fashion comfort level. This is the time to make a statement and be bold on wearing pieces that you usually do not wear. But be sure that the pieces are still classy for your taste.


  1. Know what goes into your outfit

Avant-garde and couture pieces are not the usual clothes that we see. The will be mix and matching of different fabrics and materials. It is important for you to know what materials your outfit is made so you will know how to wear them properly.


  1. Plan your hair and makeup look

Haute couture and avant-garde pieces are often dramatic and bold, so does your make up. Once you pick an outfit, go to your hair and makeup stylist and show them your dress. She would probably give some suggestions based on the dress, the event, and the time of the soiree. You can also do a quick make-up test to see how the make-up would look.


  1. Get the right shoes

The shoes is part of the whole ensemble, so be sure to get the right one. Your stylist would probably give some ideas and options. Be sure you can walk perfectly on your chosen footwear. If it is new, try to break in to it.

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