4 Questions You Need to Ask Your Material Supplier When Placing a Material Order

As a trusted contractor, you are expected to deliver the best service to your clients and so does your material supplier. They should be able to manage your orders so that there will not be any delays on the project.

So before you placed an order to your building materials suppliers in UAE, you need to ask them these question to confirm whether they can be of service to your project.


  1. Do they have the materials based on the project specs?

The number and type of materials needed is not the same the previous orders. It will depend on the project specs. Before placing an order, show the supplier the project specs and the list of materials that you need. They would need to confirm if they have all the things you need. If not, you will still have time to look for other suppliers in your area.


  1. What are the alternative options? What are the products available?

Materials comes in varieties of brands, types and uses. Ask the supplier what would be the best brand for each material and supply that you need and how many are there on their stocks. If they don’t have ample supply of the brand that you want, what would be the alternative? The supplier must be able to provide you at least three options for each material request. It is always good to have options so you can make more informed decisions and have your supplier discuss the pros and cons of each brand and type.


  1. What would be the overall price? Can you have the breakdown?

Contractors are always working on a set budget and as much as possible they don’t want to exceed as it will taint their image and cause suspicion among clients. So to prevent you from going overboard with your budget, ask for the breakdown and overall cost of the materials that you requested. Once you have the initial price listing, you can decide on which material would be the best fit for the project in terms of price and quality. If possible, ask for a discount. Suppliers often give discounts and price reduction, especially if you are going for bulk orders.


  1. Would it be possible to deliver the products on the said schedule?

Every project has a set deadline and timeline that needed to be followed. If there are delays on the project due to delayed deliveries, it can cause a setback and might cause you your reputation. Make sure that your supplier will be able to deliver the supplies in time to avoid these instances.

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