5 Traits to Look for in a Courier

There are hundreds of courier companies in Dubai and globally as well. If you are having a hard time choosing among those companies, looking for the enumerated traits can help you decide. Good luck!


The courier must have a good reputation.

Trust is something we don’t give instantly. One way to help you know if the company is reputable or not is to search for some honest feedback about their services. Read some posts on online forums and try to ask some questions regarding the courier companies that you prefer. You may also read some courier-related news, ask some friends, or search for the top courier providers in your area.


The courier must have integrity.

A courier company must provide factual and reliable information at all times. If they said that the parcel would arrive in 5 days or less, the parcel must arrive on the time frame they have provided. In case there are unfavorable circumstances (bad weather condition, war, etc.) that could cause a delay on their services, the company must be honest enough to inform you ahead of time. Also, the company must provide all the fees needed on their quotation or advertisements – unlike companies that have a ton of hidden fees.


The courier must be organized.

A courier company must be organized in the entire process of delivery – from recording the items to be delivered and receiving the items to the actual delivery of the products. They must ask for all the details that would be essential for the service such as the details of the sender and the receiver, plus details of special requests if applicable.


The courier must be service-oriented.

A courier company must provide good customer service, and must prioritize the special needs of their clients. The staff must be accommodating and patient. They must also be helpful in times of difficulties (i.e. losing the item or accidentally damaging it).


The courier must be flexible.

Opt for a company that offers special or customized services on top of their basic courier options. This gives you the freedom to be more creative on your message, gift, package or mail.


Again, you need to choose a company that is altogether reputable, organized, flexible, service-oriented and has integrity. We have found all of these traits at TFM Express Shipping LLC. They offer both local and international courier services. Kindly visit www.tfmex.com for the complete details.

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