6 Tell-tale Signs for Mattress Replacement

Sleep is a luxury that all of us want to have. After a tiring day at work, you just want to lie down and sleep the night away. However, only a lucky few achieved this feat and more often than not, wake up irritated and listless. The possible reason – your mattress.

Yes, your mattress might be giving you sleepless nights and empty sleep. If you need more reason to replace your mattress, then read these factors:

  1. Sleeping can be painful


Do you feel enormous pain in your back when you wake up in the morning? Or do you feel more restless than rested after sleeping? Then your mattress might be the culprit. This is due to your mattress not providing enough support to your body. Overtime, mattress lose their compression which cause the weight of the body to be support by the spring. That could lead to neck and back pains and sleepless nights of finding the comfortable part of the bed.


  1. Full of lumps and humps


Lumps are signs that you need a new mattress. They may look harmless, but those mattress lumps can cause back pains and lack of sleep. Check your mattress for signs of lumps and impressions. You can rotate the mattress as a temporary solution, but it would be best to find a new mattress that would provide optimal comfort.


  1. Sneezing more often in your sleep


Overtime, dust, allergens and other pollutants will gather inside your mattress. Once these accumulate, it can lead to allergies and more serious respiratory ailments. If you find yourself sneezing more than snoozing then it is high time to find a new mattress. Cleaning your mattress might also do the trick, but if the sneezing incident still happens after cleaning, then ditch your old mattress for a new one. You can visit website to check for hypoallergenic mattress fit with your desired size and firmness.


  1. Saggy and squeaking spring


Obvious sagging is not only painful for your back, but also to the eyes. Just imagine having a guest over and they will find your bed sagging and squeaking? They might opt for the couch instead. Save yourself from further embarrassment and purchase a new mattress that would make you proud to invite guest over for the night.


  1. Changes in weight


Although your mattress seems to be in good condition but you still feel tired upon waking up, then it might be the changes in weight. This could be because of pregnancy, weight gain (or lost), etc. Once your body weight changes, the firm of the bed might not be able to accommodate these changes. Adding a topper can help, but if you still feel the uneasiness, buying a new one might be the best idea. Best mattress Dubai suppliers can give you mattress options based on your weight and level of desired firmness.

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