Tell Tale Signs That You Need To Replace Your Car Battery

Car batteries are important component of every vehicle. With a good power source, you can be sure that your vehicle will run smoothly – from starting to parking it for storage.

However, there are times when you notice that your battery is failing you. If you see these signs, then it is high time to check whether you are in for a car battery replacement.


  • Engine takes longer to start

Your car battery is the key to run your car. The jolt of electricity it provides is enough to wake up that sleeping electrical system. When your car is new, you might find it very easy to start the car. It is because the car battery is still new. But as time goes by, you notice that you are having difficulties on starts your car or even failure to start. If this become a recurring problem, it would be best to buy a new car battery. Consult with suppliers of car battery in Ajman to check your car battery.


  • Bloating battery case

A swollen car battery case is never a good sign. This could mean that your battery is not regulating heat properly which is a sign of a decreased battery life. Once you see that the battery casing is bloated, immediate call for a battery replacement in Abu Dhabi. They would provide you a new one brand new battery life.


  • Leakage in your battery

If you are always experiencing low battery fluids, then this might be due to a battery leak. Overtime, the cable connection of your battery becomes corroded and lead to leakage. If not prevented, this could lead to residue build up and failure to start the vehicle. If the leakage is beyond repair, then a replacement would the best option.

Remember that your car battery is an important component of your vehicle and outmost care should be given to it. So be sure to include this on your maintenance regime.



  • Your check engine light is on

If you are familiar with the show Big Bang Theory, Penny always ignores her check engine light which ultimately lead to her not being able to use the car for quite some time. Seeing your check engine light on could mean a number of problems, including a weak battery. If you see this sign appears, better have your car checked, including your battery. You might be a candidate for a replacement.


  • Old age

The lifespan of a car battery can last from 5-7 years, depending on the maintenance. If your battery goes beyond that, it would be best to replace them. They might seem working for you but having a new one will renew your car’s performance.

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