Things You Need To Do Before The Day Of Your Business Move

Moving is a big task, especially for companies who will be uprooting their HQ to other locations. With all the stuff and equipment you need to move, you have to ensure that nothing is missed. Your removals Dubai company would probably get the menial task of packing and loading them to the truck, but you also need to do some preps to ensure that the move will be as smooth and as hassle-free as you have expected.

Here are the preparations that you need to do:

  • Be sure that all electrical equipment are disconnected to the power source

Even before the moving company arrives, be sure that the plugs of all electrical equipment pulled and those that are connected to the power source will be disconnected. Have your employees do this before the movers comes in and instruct them to get their things in order. They can either label them so when it is time to unpack, they will be less confusion as to whom those equipment belongs to. This will lessen the moving and packing time and speed up the transport timeline.


  • Safe keep all important documents in one secure box

Although movers will be responsible for moving everything, you might have to deal with packing confidential documents involving your business. This is to ensure that these papers will not land on hands of strangers who might use it for illicit or illegal activities. Before the day of the move, have your trusted employees put them all in a secure box and sealed them properly. You might also need to label them so that the packing and moving crew would see that the box is of importance and should be handled with outmost care and confidentiality.


  • Ensure that all are packed and labelled

Since there are lots of things that will be moved, you might need to be present while the movers are packing your office things and equipment. You must list of things that needs to be packed so you can double-checked them on your own or countercheck them with the list that the movers has. This is to make sure that you will not missed a single equipment. Leaving one might cause delays on operations. You also have to check if everything is loaded in the truck before you allow these transport vehicles to leave.



  • Confirm schedule and timeline of the move

Once all is packed and loaded, you need to keep track of the schedule – where your equipment are, what time they would arrive at the warehouse for safekeeping and what time it would be delivered to your new office.

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