Best Malls to Visit in Dubai

It’s shopping time! The word shopping itself excites the soul of people. Especially when women hear this word they get so much excited. You can say that the word shopping is next to excitement. Dubai is known as the global shopping place, if you are planning to visit Dubai, it is best to keep enough cash with you because the malls which you see in Dubai makes you crave for more and more. No matter how much you shop there, you feel like you haven’t shopped enough.

If you are planning to visit Dubai, you can check the Dubai city tour package cost on various websites. If you are planning to make your way towards Dubai, do not simply forget to add the shopping malls in your list. You get to shop from the best malls in Dubai.

Best brands

You can have every brand in Dubai which you wish to have! No matter which brand you look for you can easily find that brand in Dubai. Be it Versace or Gucci, Dubai has it all for you. You just name the brand and it is there for you… Some of the famous malls of Dubai are

Deira City Centre

Well if you looking to find one of the oldest malls in Dubai then city center is the place for you. As the name tells itself. It is the center of the city means it is equipped with everything you look for. This mall covers more than 370 outlets Well it is impossible for you to visit every outlet in a day. If you want to explore this mall, it will take a week approximately. People love high street brand like Next, Zara, Armani, they can find all of these brands here in this mall easily

Bur Juman mall

If you are looking for a sophisticated blend of high fashion and high street then make your way towards this mall. Big brands like Louis Vutton, Dior, and Hermes have their outlets in this mall. If you have got enough money then it is best to explore this mall and shop from the biggest brands available there.


If you are an architecture lover then surely it is not less than a treat for you! This mall has beautiful architecture. When you visit this mall you get lost into its architecture Juts like other malls in Dubai you can find high fashion brands and budget friendly brands here.

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