Things to Mind When Touring Dubai

The prospect of traveling is definitely exciting. Going places to see amazing view is on everyone’s bucket list. But different countries presents different cultures and traditions that you need to mind, especially if you are travelling to the Middle East or Dubai.

As a traveler, it is our responsibility to know these things so we can have an awesome trip sans the trouble. If you are traveling to Qatar and Dubai soon, it important that you keep these tips in mind:


  1. Mind your Outfit

Although Qatar is an open city, there are places that prohibit indecent clothing and apparel. Apparel that is too short and revealing will be smeared at looked at negatively. When preparing your wardrobe, opt for something that is conservative but comfy. Go for capris instead of short and choose cool long sleeves from sleeveless and spaghetti top. The material should be light and cool as the temperature may not be forgiving, especially if you are not used to hot climate. Bring some extra clothing for different locations


  1. Mind your Travelling Sched

As stated, every country has their own tradition to follow and travelers need to respect that. In Middle East, the holy month of Ramadan is sacred. If you are traveling on those dates, be sure to be mindful of your actions. Since it is their fasting month, it would be best not to eat, drink, or smoke in public. Travel agencies would suggest for you travel around or in between the months of October and April since the weather is cooler than the usual Dubai climate. There are Dubai city tour package cost a fraction that offers trips and tours around that time.



  1. Mind the Rules

Of course, rules comes with the territory. If you are going to an alien territory be sure to know the rules. In Dubai drinking is prohibited in public places. If you are buying alcohol, be sure to get a permit as you can be arrested for buying without one. Also, be sure to not go out drunk as this will definitely send you some jail time.


  1. Mind the Streets

Dubai is a pretty interesting place to explore. If you are going somewhere, list down the addresses and check them out on the map. Dubai is a pretty big place and don’t expect that taxi driver would know every corner of the city. Get to know the streets and bring a map with you always.


  1. Mind your Manners

This goes with every place you visit. Be sure to be courteous and respectful all the time. If you are going to take photos of a building or a place, ask permission. Do not be too loud while you are out exploring the city.

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